R&D Class Reflectometer

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  • Min. Wavelength (nm): 380 or 350
  • Max. Wavelength (nm): 1050
  • Measuring Time (s): 2 or 7
  • Spot Size (µm): 40 or 2200

The proven technology in our reflectometer allows high accuracy results at high speed and all at an incredibly competitive price. This reflectometer is also completely upgradable with our Spectroscopic Ellipsometer, saving you even more time and money. The software is identical for both. There is even an optional mapping stage for the reflectometer, should you require multiple measurements per sample.

Applications include:

  • Measurement of optical constants (refractive index n and extinction coefficient k) for thin films, coatings and bulk substrates
  • Measurement of Dielectric constants  (real part and imaginary part) for thin films, coatings or bulk materials
  • Accurate non-destructive thickness measurements
  • And many more...

As with all of our ellipsometers and reflectometers, you can send your samples to us, free of charge, for proof of quality! for a quote today!

Reflectometer Specifications RadiTech reflectometers are all high quality, precision engineered scientific instruments. Listed below are their technical specifications. Please refer to each machine's brochure, or send us an email for more details and information.  



  Raditech SR  

 Raditech D8 SR 

Min. Wavelength (nm) 380 350
Max. Wavelength (nm) 1050 1050
Measuring Time (s) 2 7
Spot Size (µm) 40 22000
Min. Film Thickness (nm) 30 N/A
Max Film Thickness (nm) 20000 N/A
Accuracy Values:
Reflectance ±1% ±1%
Thickness (Å) ±12 N/A
Repeatability (Å) ±5 ±5