Tucsen Dhyana UV Scientific Camera

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US $ 16,950.00

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    • UV Light Detection
    • High Sensitivity
    • Cooled
    • Monochrome
    • Discontinued - Replaced byDhyana 95

    The newest product of Dhyana series scientific CMOS camera, is equipped with a new back illuminated CMOS sensor, which provides higher quantum efficiency and UV sensitivity compared to the conventional products. The Dhyana UV has advantage of extremely low noise, high dynamic range, and high frame rate. It is well suited to UV light detection on microscopy, industrial spectrum detection, bioscience, medical imaging, etc.

    Dhyana UV features a new back-thinned sCMOS sensor and extends the spectral response into the UV range. The quantum efficiency from 260 nm to 310 nm is over 50% and nearly 90% at 270 nm under UV light, which is a significant improvement over existing products.


    Model Dhyana UV
    Sensor G400 BSI
    Technology Scientific CMOS
    Sensor Size 2”
    Pixel Size 11 um x 11 um
    Resolution 2048 x 2048
    Shutter Rolling shutter
    Frame Rate 25fps@4mp
    Quantum efficiency 90%@270 nm
    Read noise 1.5e-
    Detection limit 3 photon
    Full well 100000e-
    Dynamic Range 93dB
    DSNU 0.00086
    PRNU 0.0002
    Linearfly 0.99975
    Exposure time 1ms-10s
    Cooling -25oC
    Vacuum seal  <5 PA vacuum
    Data interface USB3.0
    External triggering Yes
    Frame buffer Yes
    Optical port M42-Tmount