Who we are

Canadian-owned and operated, Allied Scientific Pro (ASP) was founded in 2009 (now part of ASP Laser Inc.) to deliver innovative products and services, including:

• Artificial Intelligence-driven photonic products
• Advanced laser cleaning and testing systems, including for large-scale conservation of infrastructure
• Non-destructive testing for corrosion
• 2D imaging corrosion detection under insulation
• Paint & rust removal, welding cleaning & preparation
• Safe and effective cleaning of nuclear contamination
• Automated collaborative robots and applications 

ASP’s technical team features a multi-disciplinary staff specializing in engineering and science, photonics, mechanics, electronics, robotics, imaging, spectroscopy, artificial intelligence, and computer programming. The team thrives with new challenges and has developed technology solutions across a range of industrial sectors, including Automobile, Agriculture, Food Processing, Nuclear Industry, Defense, Medical, and Lighting. Passionate about technologies, ASP aims to put robotics at the service of people and is committed to providing customers with complete solutions for their business needs.

ASP’s LaserBlast Cleaning systems has been used since 2017 in the largest conservation projects across North America and Canada, one of them is the restoration of the Canadian parliament building, one of the largest infrastructures in Canada.

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