Embrace the eco-conscious revolution of laser paint removal, an ingenious technique designed to strip metal surfaces of paint without compromising their integrity.

Laser paint removal is versatile in its applications, catering to an array of metals like steel, aluminum, and copper, and tackling coatings such as powder, e-coating, and phosphate.

Whether employing a single-mode fiber laser to texturize the base metal or a multimode fiber laser for rapid cleaning, this process offers unparalleled efficiency and sustainability in paint removal and surface restoration.

The LaserBlast™ System from Allied Scientific Pro is the optimal solution for paint removal and cleaning projects. Our cost-effective and eco-friendly laser paint removal systems require minimal preparation time and no disposal cost, making them a highly efficient and time-saving solution.

  • 100 Watts, 200 Watts, 500 Watts
  • Long Lifetime, Ultra-robust
  • Presets easy to use for different surfaces
  • Controllable laser beam shape


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Discover the Benefits of Allied Scientific Pro Laser Paint Removal

  • User-Friendly with No Additional Gear Needed: The LaserBlast™ System is user-friendly and requires no dangerous projectiles or additional protective gear. The laser coating removal process is controlled through a computer, making it easy to use. Laser ablation is a relatively low-noise operation and does not damage the underlying substrate.

  • Low Carbon Footprint: Our laser cleaning system is an eco-friendly solution to remove paint using a laser beam that does not require hazardous chemicals or blast media. The system only requires electricity, making it a clean technology with a low carbon footprint.

  • AI-Driven for Intelligent Settings: The LaserBlast™ System is a digitally controlled AI-driven system with intelligent settings. The system also allows for setting changes on the fly and can even be robotized to increase efficiency and accuracy.

  • Faster and More Efficient Paint Removal: Our laser paint removal works without any need for additional gear and no disposal costs, making it a significant cost-saving over other paint removal methods.

  • Safe and User-Friendly Operation: Our machines are safe for users and eliminate the risk of dangerous projectiles. The laser energy is also quiet and controlled by an intelligent computerized system, providing a user-friendly experience.

  • Ideal for Various Industries and Applications: Our laser paint removal machines are versatile and can be used in various industries, making them an effective solution for paint or coating removal in aerospace, automobile, and conservation & restoration applications. Also, the absence of chemicals or blast media makes them an ideal solution for industrial applications where hazardous materials are a concern.


Minimal Preparation Time. No Disposal Cost. No Additional Gear Needed. Efficient.


Eco-Friendly. No Chemicals. No Blast Media. Consumes Only Electricity

User friendly

No Dangerous Projectiles. Computer Controlled. No Protective Wear Required. Low Noise Operation

Laser Paint Removal | Industries & Applications  

Automobile Market

Automotive industry

Part cleaning before the coating process, laser rust removal for refurbishment or renovation.

Conservation and Restoration Market

Building Renovation & Conservation

Mold cleaning, paint removal, stone and metal cleaning.

Aerospace Market

Aerospace industry

Removing paint layers from fuselages, surface cleaning, and rotor blade cleaning.

Industrial Market


Lead-based paint removal from machinery or plant and stripping old marine coatings from vessels.



LaserBlast™ 100

The LaserBlast™ 100

Perfect for various paint removal projects, such as building restoration, boat maintenance, and car detailing. It has a mobile design that makes it easy to transport and use. Plus, the system includes preset cleaning modes to cater to various surfaces. The laser beam shaping capabilities make it even more versatile. All components are durable and long-lasting.

LaserBlast™ 200

The LaserBlast™ 200

Ideal for removing paint and other coatings, preparing pipelines for welding, and cleaning metal surfaces. It is durable and has a long lifespan. It also comes with user-friendly cleaning presets and a precision laser beam configuration. Additionally, its enclosure is waterproof and dustproof, with an IP66 rating.

LaserBlast™ 500

The LaserBlast™ 500

A powerful tool for removing paint and cleaning surfaces in industrial settings, it is able to withstand heavy use. The system includes presets for different surfaces and has a configurable laser beam. It is water-cooled to allow for continuous operation.

These paint-stripping systems from ASP Laser Inc. are an unbeatable choice for anyone looking for a reliable paint/coating removal solution. With powerful laser technology, they can quickly eliminate even the toughest coating with minimal effort.

Why Choose Allied Scientific Pro​

  • Cut costs and streamline operations: By eliminating the need for preparation, disposal, and additional gear, you can reduce costs and make your operations more efficient.

  • Easy and safe to use: This system is user-friendly and poses no risk from projectiles. No protective wear is required. It is also computer-controlled for added convenience.

  • Sustainable and chemical-free: This clean technology is sustainable and chemical-free, without any need for blast media. It consumes only electricity, making it a responsible choice for the environment.

  • Intelligent and customizable: This AI-driven system is designed to be intelligent and customizable, with digital control and on-the-fly setting adjustments. Additionally, robotization is available to enhance efficiency.

Transform your workflow with the LaserBlast™ System! Get the power of AI-driven technology for the ultimate cost-saving and eco-friendly laser paint removal solution!


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