GemmaCert Hemp Analyzer Professional

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US $ 7 930,00

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    Conditions générales
    Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

    • Analysis Results: Total THC, CBG, CBD, Water Activity

    • No Sample Preparation required

    • Suitability: Dry Flower Buds / Biomass - Trim / Crude Extract (Ethanol Extraction)

    • Calibration Automatic before analysis

    • Connectivity via Bluetooth

    • Regulatory Compliance with CE , UL , ROHS

    • Comes with Protective Case, Flower Pin, Trim Holder and Extract Holder.

    • Nondestructive testing

    • Include Shipping Fee

    • Include Label Printer

    GemmaCert® (ISO 17025, CE, RoHS and UL-certified and European Pharmacopeia – Section 2.2.40 Compliant)

    The GemmaCert patented solution, used in over 20 countries, delivers reliable, real-time hemp composition and potency readings straight to your smartphone and desktop computer without harming your flowers' efficacy or value. GemmaCert combines 3 state-of-the-art technologies – NIR spectrometry, image analysis, and machine learning – to bring you timely and reliable results, accurate to +/- 10% of HPLC results. No special skills or training are required.

    It is all about Batch Consistency, not single flower accuracy

    The industry-standard testing by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) can be very accurate (if conducted by a skilled technician, on a calibrated device, applying a validated testing protocol, at an ISO 17025-certified laboratory). But what if you happen to test the least potent flower in a batch? Ultimately, to achieve a representative potency number for an entire Hemp batch, we must average the results of multiple tests. Yet HPLC is too slow and too expensive for this kind of process. Quick, affordable testing by GemmaCert delivers what laboratories cannot: better assessment of potency variance with more frequent sample analysis.

    With GemmaCert:

    • Conduct multiple on-site potency tests for timely results in under 5 minutes without any sample preparation or destruction
    • Boost quality control throughout your production, enhance productivity and profitability
    • Time your harvest right by applying GemmaCert’s wet (fresh) flower testing protocol
    • Know your grow before regulatory scrutiny and testing
    • Price your product right
    • For Hemp Growers: minimize risk of harvesting crop with Total THC above 0.3%
    • Benefit from the world’s largest reference database of Hemp flowers with over 15,000 samples tested by HLPC and more than 250,000 flower spectra collected
    • Print Certificates of Analysis and keep test results for future analysis on your desktop through the dedicated Customer Portal.

    Technical Information & Specs

    What products does it test: Dry flower buds, ground flower buds & extract (to be released soon)

    How long does an analysis take: Between 2 to 5 minutes

    Sample usability after testing: Nondestructive testing – sample left intact after analysis

    Calibration requirement: Automatic. Before analysis and no user input required

    Accuracy: RMSE 1

    Min. detection threshold 0.2% (THC, CBD)

    Max. detection threshold 30% THC, 20% CBD

    Power source: 6vdc by standard 110/220 ac2dc power supply

    Operating temperature: +10c to +35c (50F - 95F)

    Regulatory compliance: CE, UL, ROHS, European Pharmacopeia – Section 2.2.40 Compliant


    GemmaCert, established in 2015, is a life-sciences company that developed the world's first patented solution for quick, accurate analysis of Hemp composition and potency by non-destructive means. The company, which has a growing customer base in North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Australasia, is set on improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities by setting the global standard for Hemp quality.