If you're in the business of welding, you know that dirty metal surfaces can be a big problem. Oxides and other contaminants can interfere with chemicals, paint adhesion and even weaken welds. That's where laser oxide removal comes in. Our cutting-edge laser's micron precision removes unwanted surface contaminants with accuracy.

  • 100 Watts, 200 Watts, 500 Watts
  • Long Lifetime, Ultra-robust
  • Presets easy to use for different surfaces
  • Controllable laser beam shape


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ASP Laser Oxide Removal Solution

You can target and completely remove black oxides in controlled layers and from specific areas. You don't have to worry about introducing impurities into your base metal or sheet metal parts. It's the perfect solution to improve welding results and eliminate common surface contaminant issues before several surface treatments like powder coating or painting.

Unlike chemical treatments or mechanical brushes that can damage delicate surfaces and pose a health hazard, fiber laser cleaning systems offer a better and safer way to continuously remove oxides from ferrous and non-ferrous metals alike. So, why settle for traditional oxide scale removal methods when you can do the job faster and more effectively with ASP's laser oxide removal machines? 


Minimal Preparation Time. No Disposal Cost. No Additional Gear Needed. Efficient.


Eco-Friendly. No Chemicals. No Blast Media. Consumes Only Electricity

User friendly

No Dangerous Projectiles. Computer Controlled. No Protective Wear Required. Low Noise Operation

Aluminum Oxide Removal

Aluminum combines strength and lightness. But have you ever noticed a gray oxide layer forms on its surface over time? That's an unavoidable consequence of exposure to oxygen and humidity. By using laser technology, you can eliminate aluminum oxide easily, leaving a clean and even surface ready for any coating process. This is especially important if you plan on welding the aluminum, as removing the oxide beforehand will ensure that your welds are as strong as possible. With ASP laser cleaning machines, aluminum oxide removal is a breeze.

Stainless Steel Oxide Removal

Stainless steel offers unbeatable corrosion resistance and aesthetic appeal. Unfortunately, welding or laser cutting often leaves behind unsightly blackening around the joints, preventing complete passivation and affecting the adhesion of any subsequent powder coating applied. But ASP fiber lasers provide a solution for completely removing black oxides. Our laser oxide removal tools clean and restore the shiny surface finish of stainless steel parts.

Why Use Laser Technology For Oxide Removal

High-Performance Cleaning Solutions

Achieve an automated and repeatable process without the need for consumables! Remove oxide layers without abrasives that may harm your equipment or hazardous chemicals that require strict safety regulations.

Eliminate Guesswork and Maximize Efficiency

Our certified experts provide end-to-end services that ensure your system runs at peak performance - from installation to ongoing maintenance.

Maximum Uptime with Industrial-Grade Components

Our superior cleaning systems provide years of reliable, long-term performance with minimum maintenance.

Optimal Operations

Take advantage of our advanced technology to reduce downtime and increase efficiency without sacrificing safety or quality.


How Does Laser Oxide Removal Work?

Laser oxide removal is a process that uses high-powered lasers to ablate the surface of metals, removing oxidation and other impurities from the surface.

The laser creates heat, which causes rapid vaporization of the topmost layers - making them easier to remove. Laser energy can be adjusted for optimal performance and safety depending on the material to clean.

After the affected area is exposed, it can be treated with a variety of chemical compounds or processes to eliminate any remaining impurities. Laser oxide removal allows for the efficient removal of surface contaminants while helping to protect the integrity of the underlying material.

Removing oxidation layers promotes better adhesion, mechanical properties, and longevity in the end product. Additionally, laser oxide removal can provide improved surface finish characteristics and fewer defects in manufactured components.

Applications of Laser Oxide Removal Automated Solutions

Laser oxide removal is used in a variety of manufacturing processes and applications.

  • Automotive Industry: cleaning and preparing surfaces for painting or sealing; stripping old paint and coatings.

  • Aerospace industry: preparing parts before welding or coating.

  • Medical Device Industry: cleaning and polishing surgical instruments; removing paint and coatings from implantable hardware.

  • Precision Optics Manufacturing: cleaning lenses and other optical components.

  • Electronics Industry: micro structuring in microelectronic components.

ASP Products​

Our state-of-the-art LaserBlast™ technology cuts costs and eliminates the need for messy blast media.

  • Using no chemicals, our laser cleaning technology tackles even the most difficult-to-reach areas with ease.

  • Whether you're working on a historic building restoration project or need to ensure that welding joints passivate properly in metalworking, our laser cleaning systems deliver the kind of results you're looking for.

  • Our range of power options, from 100W up to 1000W, ensures that we can cater to every need and provide a precise, powerful cleaning solution that will exceed your expectations.

So why wait? Invest in ASP's fiber laser machines today and experience the power and convenience of the future of cleaning technology!


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