A1215S 1280×1024 uncooled Asi Thermal Module

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Terms and Conditions
Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

◆1280*1024 pixel uncooled focal plane micro-thermal type  

◆ 50HZ full real-time imaging  

◆ HDMI HD image output  

◆ Support gray alarm function  

◆ 1~8x continuous zoom function, no mosaic phenomenon in the image  


Technical Parameter


TypesUncooled focal plane micro-thermal type
Resolution1280 x 1024
Pixel Space15µm
Frame Rate50Hz
Spectral Response8 ⁓ 14µm
NETD≤ 60mK

Image Control
Brightness / Contrast adjustmentManual and automatic
Color Palette14 kinds of color palette and support reverse
Digital Zoom1 ⁓ 8x continuous zoom (step length 0.1)

Non-uniformity Correction
Manual calibration, automatic calibration after power-on, timing calibration after normal work (timing time length can be set).
Image ProcessingDigital detail enhancement DDE
Flip FunctionFlip up and down, flip left and right, flip the mirror image
Photo FunctionSupport SD card, bmp format

LanguageChinese / English

Gray Scale AlarmImage alarm frame mark / LVTTL alarm signal / serial port alarm command (switch value)
Alarm ThresholdCan be set
Response TimeAlarm response time ≤ 0.2s.


Focal Length
23mm / F1.0 ( 48o x  38)

45mm / F1.0 ( 24o x  19)
90mm / F1.0 ( 12o x  10)
Drive methodElectric
Drive Interface1 channels, support DC6 ⁓ 12V DC motors

Electric Focusing
Contnuous adjustment / step length adjustment (step length 0-32 files can be set), with rheostat interface, control command Pelco-D
Auto FocusimgAuto focus time ≤ 5s

Power System
Power SupplyDC 12V (9 ⁓ 28V )
Protective FunctionOvervoltage, undervoltage, and reverse connection protection
Video OutputDigital Video InterfaceHDMI, LVCMOS (16 bit, RAW / YUV422), MIPI CSI-2 (16bit, RAW / YUV422)

Control InterfaceRS422, RS232 (3.3V), USB

Control Command
Focus, zoom, auto focus, clear value output, electronic amplification, color scale switching, polarity switching, brightness setting, gain setting, enhancement and other parameter setting commands