Medical LED Lamp Spectral Meter SRI-MD-3000 (350nm - 850nm)

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US $ 4,495.00

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    Terms and Conditions
    Lead time 6-8 weeks, built to order 

    Product Feature 

    • Meets Medical LED lamp specification requirements.

    • Unique long focal length, high precision spectrometer for measurement.

    • Fast Booting level, can perform instant measurement, measurement result is shown in real time display.

    • Can do sub-band measurements to calculate the light irradiance.

    • Simple operation with accurate measurement, R1-R15 measurement are clearly shown.

    • Wavelength data increment 0.5nm, FWHM resolution 6.0nm.

    • mW/m2 (Irradiance), mW(Radiant Power), mW/m2/lx (irradiance/Illuminance), three unique parameters to achieve different application requirements.